The Governors Ball 2017

Since 2011, The Governors Ball Music Festival has evolved into the iconic summer event in New York City. So as proud New Yorkers, we jumped at the chance to partner with the wonderfully rad crew at Gov Ball to create an identity system for the 2017 festival faster than you can say “fugetaboutit.”

Our concept was simple: Celebrate all the summer vibes, sights and sounds that are quintessentially New York City — creating an iconic identity that stokes pride in the hearts of locals and excitement in the minds of visiting music lovers.

We combined iconic elements of the city and festival into our vibrant and flexible system, including hot dogs, MetroCards, taxis, fire hydrants, city buses, Chinese takeout boxes, and more — all boldly rendered in a unifying, brightly colored aesthetic. We built our own graphic version of Manhattan which we could beautifully pan through with motion and animations. We also flipped the island of Manhattan upside down for the posters and design system to represent how the festival turns New York City on its head. Finally, we featured our library of vibrant 3D models and icons across all mediums including signage, tickets, wild postings, and animations — creating a holistic (and dare we say “iconic”) look and feel that dominated the summer.


The Collected Works

Ben Ross

Ben Ross
Anaele Pellison

Courtesy of Founders Entertainment