The Governors Ball 2019

We teamed up with the rad crew at Gov Ball for the third time to develop a fresh identity, design system, poster campaign, and animations for their 2019 festival. We may or may not have done it for the free VIP tickets…

This year, we took inspo from 90s nostalgia as it’s hyper-relevant to the core Gov Ball audience that grew up in that decade. Our concept — which we call “90s Glitch” — was our opportunity to create a simple, unique, and flexible system that’s rooted in the bold, retro aesthetics that hold a special place in our hearts.

The Gov Ball wordmark is strong, loud, and impactful. It’s also vertical — which is surprisingly rare among music festival posters. Our core brand typography is paired with a secondary typeface inspired by old VCR interfaces. The bold color palette pulls from a retro Vaporwave aesthetic, using dreamy gradients and punchy cross-processed images. Finally, we layered in 90s glitch–scan lines, old wavy TV glitches, warped photography, and the occasional damaged tape overlay.

Our design system seamlessly stretched across all mediums including posters, the website, social media, merch, packaging, wristbands, signage, animations and live stage visuals — all of which were developed here at the studio.

The results were massive. Over 150,000 festival goers attended the 3-day festival this year, and Gov Ball’s social media content received a Webby Nomination.


Creative Direction, Design and Animation:
The Collected Works

Gov Ball Team:
Laura Hymes, Tom Russell

Web Design and Development:
Josh Guss