La Santa Mesa

La Santa Mesa is a catering company based in Bogotá, Colombia. The founders, Alejandro and Juan, work directly with local farmers to create seasonal menus for all types of events. When they came to us they needed everything: a name, an identity, and a design system they could update as they grow.

We said “cool, we like food”.

We then started by helping them name and position their company, by developing a logo based on the central element of their business: the dining table. The name comes from a Spanish pun, that can be loosely translated to “The Holy Table”, but also underscores the commitment that they have to good food. This became a uniting design element and a reference to their brand ethos–which was connecting customers, employees and farmers. We thought this was pretty clever. We also developed alternative marks based on the same concept, by rearranging and redesigning the table.

These various tables then became patterns and animations, which they could use all over the place–in print, on their social media channels, and on apparel. Now they have a bunch of tables, and a great identity system. They also have a bunch of employees and a bunch of customers, which is awesome. It’s even better that they’re making a real difference in Bogotá, and showing that catering can be delicious and socially conscious. Nice job, La Santa Mesa. Now how about that food?


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