Miles Francis: Good Man

Miles Francis came to us to help create a design system for their first-ever solo album. “Good Man” is a self-reflective journey in finding one’s own identity and life purpose. Miles Francis redefines masculinity as it pertains to their sexuality, family, and friends. A deeply personal audio memoir, the art direction focuses on their constant duality of the self. The front cover exhibits both masculine and feminine traits inherited from their parents, and the rest of the design system connects to that sense of duality.

The typefaces fluctuate between sharp and jagged, tall and formal, elegant and thin. The absence of color makes space for photography to take the spotlight, a lens into the vision of Miles Francis. Icons float around lyrics representing separation, intersection, and the beauty of the individual. The whole package comes together as a gothic rendering of pleasantly uncomfortable situations. “Good Man” is a tremendous breadth of work with a David Byrne-esque funkiness that makes you want to dance and seek therapy at the same time.


Creative Direction:
Justin Colt
Jose Fresneda

Chris Skinner
Christian Townsend

3D Modeling & Rendering:
Vincent Drayne
Christian Townsend

Motion Design:
Chris Skinner

Project Management:
Justin Raymond Park

Charles Billot