See Through Lab

See Through Lab is an experimental software studio based in Brooklyn, NY. The studio creates installations and software using generative artwork, crowdsourcing, computer vision, physical computing, projection and popular web platforms. After a project is developed, all the code that was written is released as open source.

The identity reflects the modular aspects of that open source ethos. The primary logo continually breaks apart and reassembles itself across digital and physical iterations–such as the plexiglass business cards. Small pieces of the mark can also be borrowed to generate patterns and other artwork. The palette is a familiar one, RGB, a color model inherent to electronics and LED displays. Rounding it off with monospaced typography, a common style used for coding, creates an identity system that is generated from the studio’s DNA.


The Collected Works

Developed For: Barbican Art Gallery
Created By: Aaron Koblin & Ben Tricklebank
Technology Director: Jeff Crouse / See Through Lab