Y7 Yoga

Y7 is a yoga studio unlike any other. Their approach ditches the cliches that are associated with the practice, and replaces them with the grit of street culture. This unique mix of candlelit hot yoga, hip-hop, and rap music has made it one of the most popular studios for New York & LA Yogis.

Tapping into the visual language of 90’s hip-hop, especially album cover design, we collaborated with Y7 to create a line of apparel and promotional swag. Each collage is representational of what goes on inside of the mind of a yogi, whilst in the middle of an intense flow workout. This includes everything from spirit animals, mythical landscapes, and of course a whole lot of bling.


Creative Direction:
Brad Warsh

Art Direction & Design:
The Collected Works

Brad Warsh

Mikio Bradley

Brantley WilsonRomy Low & Kylee Campbell