For more than 20 years, Coroflot has been a global connecting network for designers and creative companies. Interestingly, it was created by designers, for designers, and is still run by designers today.

So it was a truly rad undertaking (and honor) to rebrand Coroflot, celebrating their dedication to the craft, empowering designers to make their mark in the creative world, and continuing to enable employers to recruit exceptional talent.

We worked alongside their team to rebrand their identity from the ground up, including a complete overhaul of their website. We developed a design system that simplified the presence of the Coroflot brand across the site, and allowed for the work to shine through. The clear use of typography and color allowed for a more seamless navigation experience, and allowed the brand to expand boldly beyond the site into other formats and mediums.


Creative Direction:

Art Direction, Design & Animation:
The Collected Works

Courtesy of Coroflot